My lines on Commercial Photograph/Food/Myself

Hi! Since photography was my minor subject in college while pursuing MFA major in paintings, the dark room printing curiosity with films from my own point and shoot camera was always somewhere within. It was then in 2016, when I joined the local photography club in Hooksett, New Hampshire and delved into the world of photography. Then came a turning point when I was honored for ‘People’s Choice Award’, in 2019 at a local photography art show.

It’s amusing how I turned my major subject of Food, from canvas to the real-life table. What a transition? Why not! Like having been caught between the two worlds while moving to USA in 2011, the inclination towards my interests in food was in fact intensified because of geographical and cultural transitions.

I am local to Nashua, New Hampshire, founder of ‘myllyynnis’, proudly extend my art platform to Commercial Photography, who also puts her heart out for Lifestyle, Holistic and Product Photography. Meet my two aromatics ‘llyynnis’…

1g about image

Food to me is a paramount way of cultural interactions. I aim to help individuals, brands, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, holistic products and more, to elevate their business in New Hampshire and beyond. If you would like to license any images for your project, shoot me an email. While holding an additional diploma in interior designing, I adore vintage and rustic moods. Popping colors in a subtle ambience is what I am specialized in. Setting an airy table to a moody or ethnic ambience, my styling and props could offer you more of what you’ve visioned for.

Now let’s hear about you!